Run Run As Fast As You Can!

Through the month of September, my class ran different distances around our yard for our gym class.  We recorded these results, and created a spreadsheet & graph to show our results.  Our teacher then asked us about the goals that we made this month, and what goals we still wanted to improve.
There are improvements I made in my cross-country running this fall.  The more I ran, the better my pace became.  When I first started off, I ran fast, trying to complete the distance faster.  But I realized that I was having to stop & catch my breath.  So, I slowed myself to a jog, & my pace improved by 43%.   I slowed myself down so that I didn’t have to stop running until my distance was completed.  By the end of the month, I was able to fun further distances.  The distance I ran improved by 30%.  I also improved my breathing.  After running for a few days, I realized that I was breathing very heavily by the end.  Then, I stared to breathe in my nose, and out my mouth.  I noticed a big improvement.  Mrs.Durnin gave us a lot of good advice, as she is a long distance runner herself.  After runs I, and a lot of other students, noticed that our arms were very tired after running because we had them pulled up on our body a certain way.  Mrs.D told us to grab the air (cup our hands & scoop the air).  My arms weren’t tired anymore!

D’Arcy Norman

There are goals that I have this year to improve my physical fitness.  One goal that I have for myself is to have less ‘screen time’ during my day, and spend that time doing physical activities.  Everyday after school, it’s my job to take my dog for a walk.  Something I could do to improve my fitness is take her for longer walks.  In addition to gym class, I want to make sure that I take part of my day to be physical.  Also, I want to make sure that I am eating healthy.  That makes being physical a lot easier!


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